by Naomi Wallace

Winthrop University

Set in a slaughter house, Slaughter City looks at the pressure and horrific working conditions of factory floor workers. Almost dream-like, the play focuses on labor- on those who labor, bodies in labor, the gritty realities of labor, and sparks that ignite change. Kentucky playwright Naomi Wallace brings sharp insight, political anger, and cool, graceful and poetic language to bloody and tension-filled circumstances.

Directed by Laura Dougherty

Set Design: Biff Edge

Light Design: Daniel Gordon

Costume Design: Amy Turner Thomson

Original Score & Composition: Leah Smith

Sound Design: Brian Drescher

Choreography: Kelly Ozust

Photo credit: Laura Dougherty (production photos), Amy Turner Thomson (publicity photos)

Publicity Photo

Maggot, Cod, Roach, Textile Worker

Brandon, Roach

Maggot, Cod

Brandon, Roach

Cod, Sausage Man


Roach, Tuck, Baquin, Maggot

Maggot, Roach, Brandon

Cod, Brandon, Maggot

Cod, Maggot

Textile Worker

Roach, Tuck

Publicity Photo

Publicity Photo

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Maggot, Roach, Brandon