By Anton Chekhov

Winthrop University

“Amid the weariness of life in the country, the famous actress Arkadina presides over a household riven with desperate love, with dreams of success and dread of failure. It is her son, Konstantin, who one day shoots a seagull; it is the novelist Trigorin who will one day write the story of the seagull so casually killed; but it is Nina, the seagull herself, whose life to come will rewrite the story.”

Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull is an intimate exploration of the everyday longing that marks a family’s days. They long for love, for youth, for new forms of artistic expression, for celebrity, for connection. Chekhov drew a world filled with real, imperfect, specific characters, a world which celebrates the ability (or maybe necessity) of laughing at the intense fragility of ordinary squabbles and daily interactions. The reality of everyday: intense longing, needless outbursts, unrealized hopes, and lovingly sympathetic souls.

Directed by Laura Dougherty

Set Design: Anna Sartin

Light Design: Biff Edge

Costume Design: Janet Gray

Sound Design & Original Composition: Leah Smith

Choreography: Kelly Ozust

Photo credit: Leah Smith

Konstantin, Sorin

Medvedenko, Masha

Trigorin, Arkadina, Polina, Dorn...


Konstantin, Nina

Masha, Nina, Sorin, Arkadina...

Arkadina, Konstantin

Nina, Trigorin

Nina, Trigorin

Arkadina, Trigorin

Konstantin, Trigorin, Arkadina...

Kostantin, Nina

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