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Harvard University                Mellon School for Theater and Performance Research                            

Cambridge, MA                      State of the Field: “Theatre, Digital Humanities, and                June 2021

                                                De/Colonial Knowledge” seminar

                                                The Final Session: various seminars                                         J


Arizona State University        Doctor of Philosophy in Theatre                                                 May 2010

Tempe, AZ                                Emphasis in Theatre and Performance of the Americas

   Dissertation: “Performative Cartographies: Theatre as Methodology via        The America Play” advisor: Dr. Tamara Underiner.


Arizona State University        Master of Fine Arts in Theatre                                                   May 2003

Tempe, AZ                                Emphasis in Theatre for Youth

   Thesis Project: “Of Sound and Self: The Contextualization of Voice and         Speech and Theatre for Youth,” a practicum in voice instruction.


Drew University                       Bachelor of Arts                                                                          May 1997

Madison, NJ                             cum laude and with Honors in Theatre Arts

    Major: Theatre Arts

    Minors: Latin American Studies, Spanish, and Sociology                         


Lessac Training &                      Lessac Approach Workshop Intensives

Research Institute                     SUNY Fredonia Fredonia, NY                                          June-July 1999

                                         Mercersburg Academy Mercersburg, PA                      June-July 2000

      Comprehensive, six-week (245 hour) training programs

      in voice and speech applied practice led by founder Arthur Lessac.

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