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Anika Besst
Kestrel Pollock, Fallon Mastin
Fallon Mastin, Anika Besst
Fallon Mastin
Audience Postcard
cast photo

The Homing Project

Devised Performance

Hamline University

Over the course of the last few weeks, the actors in the ensemble have created this performance: crafted it, written it, re-written it, dreamed it.  While theatre is inherently and necessarily a collaborative art form, devised theatre brings collaboration to the performance text. For this piece we sought to explore notions of home. We share with you glimpses and impressions of those notions. This year, the Center for Justice and Law, through its programming, has been focused on immigrant and refugee health from a justice perspective. This work echoes, circles and/or connects to that theme. While we didn’t take on the charge of telling refugee stories of home, working to uncover where home resides in us and for us supports the CJL’s inquiry. A relationship to home, some relationship to home—leaving it, building a new one, remembering a past one—the forces that pull us from and push us towards home are a shared human experience. After two years of a renegotiated relationship with (stay at) home, with the complexity of refugee experiences on our campus and across the world, home is, as ever, at the forefront of thinking. In The Homing Project we’ve considered how we connect to homes in our pasts, to homes far from where we stand, to homes we long for and homes we leave. With hopes for safe and healthy homecomings…

Directed by Laura Dougherty

Set and Light Design: Sarah Brandner

Photo credit: Sophie Warrick

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