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Gordon, Jean, Ensemble
The Other Woman, Jean
Hermia, Dwight, Jean, Mrs. Gottleib
Dwight, Jean
Dwight, Jean
Dwight, Jean, Gordon
Jean, Dwight
Hermia, Jean
The Stranger, Jean
the Company
Jean, Dwight
the Company


by Sarah Ruhl

Susquehanna University

As she often does, Sarah Ruhl works in Dead Man’s Cell Phone with the romance of remembering.  What happens, we wonder, with that grand portion of our thoughts and feelings that we pour out only into our phones? How do we keep hold of the texts, the voices, the lives that we send out into the ether, out to the satellites? How careful are we with words that matter, with our own hearts, and with others’? In uncertain times, let’s be brave together. Let’s build houses of paper with our hopes; let’s be bold in the darkness, and share pieces of our souls, and buttons from our jackets, and make each other better.

Directed by Laura Dougherty

Set & Light Design: Caleb Stroman

Costume Design: Daniel Thieme-Whitlow

Sound Design: Coleman Dieffenbach

Fight Choreography: Aaron White

Photo credit: Lauren Beaver

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