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Hole, Nov 27

Woman, Man

Wings, Jan 20

3 People

The Ends of the Earth, Nov 20


Start Here, Nov 13

Arjuna, Krishna

The Great Depression, Dec 31

The One, The Other One

filming The Great Depression
Mrs. Keckley & Mrs. Lincoln, Nov 26

Mrs. Keckley, Mrs. Lincoln

A Promise Made in 1863 Isn't Worth Much These Days, Mar 25

Abraham Lincoln

Sunshine, Apr 13

Guard, Horde of People

busts, dirt

365 Days/365 Plays

by Suzan-Lori Parks

Hamline University

From Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks, 365 Days/365 Plays is a collection of plays, one written each day for a year. After this year unlike any we’ve known, we explore moments of theatre, calendar days, days where nothing is going on, days that change us and our world and us in the world. We mark the passage of time, where we lose time, how we pass time, our pastimes. We work to understand who we are to each other, in glimpses and days. We dig for meaning and connection, circling the holes in our hearts and histories.


We will share two evenings of theatre, thirty-three plays over two nights. A contemplative, abstract riff on the passing of time, 365 Days/365 Plays explores how we are haunted by history, how we hope, what wonders we unearth when we get to digging.

Directed by Laura Dougherty

Set Design: Bill Wallace

Light Design: Nolan Sherburne

Costume Design: MaryBeth Gagner

Photo credit: Andrea Lindner, Laura Dougherty

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