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Konstantin, Sorin
Medvedenko, Masha
Trigorin, Arkadina, Polina, Dorn...
Konstantin, Nina
Masha, Nina, Sorin, Arkadina...
Arkadina, Konstantin
Nina, Trigorin
Nina, Trigorin
Arkadina, Trigorin
Konstantin, Trigorin, Arkadina...
Kostantin, Nina


By Anton Chekhov

Winthrop University

“Amid the weariness of life in the country, the famous actress Arkadina presides over a household riven with desperate love, with dreams of success and dread of failure. It is her son, Konstantin, who one day shoots a seagull; it is the novelist Trigorin who will one day write the story of the seagull so casually killed; but it is Nina, the seagull herself, whose life to come will rewrite the story.”

Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull is an intimate exploration of the everyday longing that marks a family’s days. They long for love, for youth, for new forms of artistic expression, for celebrity, for connection. Chekhov drew a world filled with real, imperfect, specific characters, a world which celebrates the ability (or maybe necessity) of laughing at the intense fragility of ordinary squabbles and daily interactions. The reality of everyday: intense longing, needless outbursts, unrealized hopes, and lovingly sympathetic souls.

Directed by Laura Dougherty

Set Design: Anna Sartin

Light Design: Biff Edge

Costume Design: Janet Gray

Sound Design & Original Composition: Leah Smith

Choreography: Kelly Ozust

Photo credit: Leah Smith

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