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Angel, Marisol, Man with Golf Club
Ensemble, Marisol, Angel
Angel, Marisol
Angel, Ensemble, Marisol
Marisol, Lenny, June
Lenny, Marisol
Angel, Marisol
Marisol, Woman with Furs
Marisol, Man with Scar Tissue
June, Ensemble
Lenny, Marisol, June
Marisol, Ensemble
Angel, Marisol, Ensemble


By José Rivera

Winthrop University


In Marisol by José Rivera, a woman navigates her way through an urban landscape, which is fraught with violence, absurdity and an epic celestial battle, toward home and belonging. Marisol’s guardian angel confides that she is leaving Marisol’s side to lead the angels in revolt against God for the sake of the universe. Marisol is left searching for her friend, and her identity in a post-apocalyptic world spun off its axis, where the moon goes unseen, apples are extinct, and the water has lost the shore.  The play begins in a subway car in the recent present of New York City. Marisol’s literal journey is about finding her way back to her friend in a world torn apart by racial violence and class warfare. Her search finds her crossing borders of belonging, of nationality and of faith in order to regain balance. Rivera’s work calls for the audience (and performers alike) to believe the unbelievable in order to see the hope in reality.

Directed by Laura Dougherty

Set Design: Anna Sartin

Light Design: Biff Edge

Costume Design: Janet Gray

Sound Design: Leah Smith

Projection Design: Sydney Moore & Brittany Steele

Makeup Design: Barbie McCann

Photo credit: Janet Gray

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